Effective stormwater management is pivotal for strata properties. Stormwater Sydney aims to provide insights into stormwater maintenance requirements, drawing from our extensive experience and highlighting our work at the Warrawee Strata Complex.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance:

For strata properties, maintaining stormwater systems is not just about efficiency; it’s a compliance necessity. Regular inspections and upkeep help prevent issues like blockages and water damage, aligning with Council and EPA standards.

Key Maintenance Practices:

A stormwater maintenance plan for strata includes:

  • Biannual Inspections and Annual Cleaning: Regular checks of drains, pipes, pits, OSDs, rainwater tanks, and filters, complemented by thorough annual cleaning, are essential.
  • Pump and OSD Maintenance: Ensuring the smooth functioning of pumping stations and on-site detention systems through routine inspections and cleaning.
  • Gutter and Roof Maintenance: Yearly gutter inspections and cleaning to prevent blockages and ensure effective rainwater runoff.
  • Car Wash Bay Upkeep: Regular maintenance of car wash bays, including cleaning of oil plate separators.

Warrawee – A Case Study

To illustrate what Stormwater can do for a strata property under your management let’s take for example the strata property in Warrawee.  This  multi-unit complex has 3 levels of underground car parking. The lower basement carpark had flooded during a rain event due to a failure in the pump-out system, which needed to be rectified. The pits in the external yards drained to the street, although the pits were not completed as part of construction and needed to be brought to compliance. The street pit was blocked and needed to be cleaned out. This blockage interfered with the site drainage causing additional damage to the complex.  

Our team undertook the following:

  • High-pressure cleaning of basement-to-council pit pipes.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of basement water tanks and pumps.
  • Site investigations to identify stormwater improvement opportunities.
  • Replacement of the pump unit to rectify the failing system.
  • Repairing damaged pipes and sediment buildup in the garden and basement.
  • Lifting and cleaning of pits in the garden.

This project not only resolved the immediate flooding issue but also enhanced the overall efficiency and compliance of the stormwater system.

Stormwater Sydney then provided an Ongoing Maintenance Schedule. In addition to the immediate repairs, we proposed a long-term maintenance schedule for the Warrawee complex, ensuring sustained system health and efficiency.

Stormwater Sydney

At Stormwater Sydney we offer:

  • Tailored Maintenance Programs: Customised maintenance schedules up to 10 years, catering to specific strata needs.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: Full stormwater inspections and reporting at competitive rates.
  • Expertise in Various Aspects of Stormwater Management: Our team, proficient in design, repair, and advisory services, ensures your strata property remains compliant and well-maintained.

Proactive stormwater maintenance is key to preserving the integrity and compliance of strata properties. Trust Stormwater Sydney for your stormwater needs, ensuring your property is safe, efficient, and compliant.

Looking for expert stormwater services for your strata property? Contact Stormwater Sydney today for specialised solutions and peace of mind.


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