Key Services


We partner with some of the area’s best engineers and designers for new and upgraded developments. Designs and plans for DA’s and CC’s as well as certification of new works.


We specialise in the construction and installation of effective stormwater detention, rainwater tanks and drainage devices on current and new developments.


Stormwater Sydney ensures your property complies with your Council’s requirements for maintenance and service agreements. We provide certification on both new and existing properties for development approvals.


We clean stormwater drains, pits, devices and retention systems, removing any sediment and debris blocking the lines, allowing the effective water flow of clean stormwater. We also clean portable and rainwater tanks and systems.


We undertake an inspection and audit of your stormwater drainage or detention devices against your Councils or Best Practice checklists to ensure ongoing compliance.


We undertake scheduled maintenance to ensure your stormwater systems are working effectively and are compliant with Council and EPA requirements. Many Councils now require five-year maintenance agreements be in place for new developments.


We undertake repairs and upgrades to current property to ensure the stormwater and rainwater systems protect your property and are up to current standards.


Stormwater Sydney provides stormwater reports on any potential development site which includes issues such as flood potential, OSD requirements, drainage requirements, and other council requirements such as the potential for development.

Stormwater Sydney