About Us

Stormwater Sydney was formed in the year 2017 to provide Construction, Inspection, Audit, Maintenance and Repair Services. Stormwater Sydney is a trading name of OSD Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 68 617 625 519). Since that period we have expanded our service by offering to include scheduled inspection & maintenance services to industry and local government, SMART Stormwater systems and finding long term solutions to water runoff and flooding issues that are present.

Schofields School - construction of stormwater pits

Our Approach

Stormwater Sydney was founded on one belief – when it comes to your stormwater needs, we make the difficult easy. And we’re damn good at this.

We strive to provide a complete and holistic approach to stormwater management. This means that we will be with you for every stage in the lifecycle of your stormwater devices. From the design and construction to the repair, maintenance, and certification.


30 years of insights – this is what lead our founders to realise that too many building owners experience issues caused by stormwater. Most owners are struggling to find a solution. That is until they meet us.

There have been some significant improvements in the way we manage our waterways in the last 25 years. Many of these successes have been at the local and catchment levels driven by Councils and other Authorities. However, at the property level, the changes have not necessarily resulted in success. No one is servicing the stormwater infrastructure that is being built for residences and commercial buildings. We look to fill this gap with our onsite stormwater management services.


Our people are all Sydney based. They have spent their lives working across water and building industries and can provide you with the solutions you need to address your stormwater problems.

Our team is made up of a range of professions and skills including plumbing certification, building licenses, landscapers, engineers, Business graduates, marketers, etc..


Stormwater Sydney regularly advertises for new roles on SEEK and other platforms. We are happy to accept applications for both advertised and other roles via email at careers@stormwatersydney.com. Recent roles have included;

An Office Manager to help us organise our business.

A Service Manager looking after our facilities and strata stormwater maintenance.

A Sales Consultant to talk with our large range of clients across Sydney.



All Councils require the installation of stormwater devices on all new premises. These requirements usually include a Section 88 Instrument requiring ongoing maintenance of any device across the life span of those devices.

Many Councils have different requirements which make it hard to comply with. Most Councils publish their requirements on their websites. Stormwater Sydney has identified the requirements of all Councils, which we utilise on our inspection and Audits.


David Nixon

David Nixon

Founder & Chairman

David has had over 30 years’ experience across multinationals, utilities, councils and small business in numerous roles including director, board advisor, chief executive, chief operating officer, consultant, and business advisor. David has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian and Sydney water industry.


Paul Milic

Paul Milic

Founder & Managing Director

Paul has 30 years of experience in multi-dwelling residential and commercial construction in the Sydney market. Paul is a Director of VIP Builders, who has completed numerous multi-dwelling construction on time and budget, delivering to the highest level of quality that he is known for.