As stormwater devices and systems are commonly required on both public and private property, It’s important to understand who is responsible if things start going wrong. Today we look at the responsibilities surrounding stormwater management for new premises, solving drainage problems, and the situations in which the burden falls on the council or landowner.

Purchasing a new premise

Before purchasing a property, it is important to arrange investigations into potential Stormwater issues such as flooding and drainage problems.

After an initial property inspection, if concerns arise then you should arrange for an expert to carry out a detailed investigation and inspection, providing cost estimates for any repairs or parts.

Most contractors such as plumbers can only provide advice on certain drainage components such as roof drainage. Our Stormwater Sydney specialists can provide all-round advice and services for all devices and systems including wider property drainage issues such as flooding.

Solving Drainage Problems

People often get confused about the Council’s responsibilities and role regarding drainage problems, inspections, solutions, and overall stormwater management.

  • If the problem is occurring solely on your property, then you are usually responsible for it.
  • In most cases, it is not the council’s responsibility even if the issue involves neighbouring properties unless one of them is undergoing formal development.
  • However, if the issue involves land or developments controlled or approved by the council, then it is their responsibility.

Council’s Responsibilities

Council responsibilities are usually limited to:

  • Checking that buildings and their drainage system comply with related building codes.
  • Managing stormwater runoff and drainage on public land
  • Providing advice on creek and river flooding when such information is available to the council.

Private homeowner responsibilities

Private home and property owners have the responsibility to find information on flood risks from their local or state authority, and complete the following:

  • Ensure that the property’s drainage system complies with local building/plumbing codes.
  • Resolve any drainage problems left by the previous owner.
  • Resolve any drainage problems contained solely on their own property.

Stormwater Sydney provides complete stormwater management for commercial and residential properties. Design, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Advisory on stormwater systems across Sydney, ensuring compliance with Sydney standards and Council regulations.

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