How to handle water runoff from your neighbour’s Property

Do you experience surface flooding and puddles around your property and yard due to your neighbour’s water runoff? Do you need DIY solutionsemergency maintenance or advice pertaining to your home insurance plan?

Water runoff after rain events can cause trouble for yourself whether it be on your own property or running off the property of your neighbour. If the flow path is bad enough to cause flooding and affects your home or property, we advise you to check your insurance coverage for water damage caused by your neighbours. Additionally, you will still want to address the problem before it causes any severe water damage.

runoff from neighbour

Flooding due to neighbour’s water runoff

If your downhill from a neighbour or any construction, you may be at risk of water runoff entering your property. This can start through any major change or renovation to your neighbour’s property such as pool installation, concrete decking and any other construction that removes natural surfaces for rainwater to filter through. Additionally, major alterations to the landscape can change the direction of water flow paths sending streams your way.

Should you legally pursue this issue?

If you’re considering legal action, first talk to your neighbour and attempt to resolve things. Legal action is expensive, time-consuming, and should only be used as a last resort. If issues are unresolved and your property faces major repairs and damage restoration, legal action may assist you. Generally, a neighbour will not be responsible for damage if water runoff is caused by natural occurrences of rain and land conditions. If your neighbour has, however, alerted his property in a way that causes more water to flow into your property, you may have some recourse for damage recovery, meeting strict legal criteria. Further legal resources can be found here.

It is also important to talk to your insurer to further understand your current insurance policy regarding water damage and how claims are evaluated and covered.

DIY solutions

These landscape designs create low areas to help redirect water runoff down an effective flow path avoiding surface flooding and puddles

Biofilters such as rain gardens use plants and gardens to naturally soak up and filter water allowing water volume to be filtered through soil minimising any excess flooding.

  • Ensure your current rainwater and stormwater drainage systems are up to scratch

An easy fix for any flooding and water runoff problem can also be mitigated by ensuring your property’s stormwater and WSUD systems are cleaned,

Stormwater Sydney can provide one-off or ongoing scheduled maintenance arrangements for all your stormwater and rainwater needs.

Stormwater Sydney provides Inspection, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Advisory on stormwater systems across Sydney, ensuring compliance with Sydney standards and Council regulations.

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