Here we discuss the Stormwater systems on private properties and facilities and the responsibilities of the owners/managers with regards to scheduled maintenance, repairs and reporting under Council and EPA requirements. Stormwater Sydney can provide one-off or ongoing scheduled maintenance arrangements for all your stormwater and rainwater needs. These include Strata and Residential Complexes, Aged Care and Commercial Facilities and Industrial sites.

scheduled maintenance on a strata facilities and unit complex

If you’re a Property Owner, Facility Manager, or part of Strata then you will be responsible for the stormwater system on your property, complex or facility and may have already experienced stormwater issues in the past.

Common stormwater problems involve blocked drains, pits and pipes. These are all causes of water damage and require regular maintenance.

Failure to undertake the required level of maintenance can lead to Council fines and in some circumstances, the rejection of insurance claims from insurance companies.

Facilities with stormwater and rainwater devices such as pumps, OSDs and rainwater tanks should be serviced every 6 months. Facilities with drains and pits should be inspected every second year to ensure that blockages and failures don’t lead to significant water damage.

Some Council areas require annual reporting on the maintenance of stormwater and rainwater devices. This reporting details that the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of all devices have been performed to Councils standard.

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Stormwater Sydney provides complete stormwater management for commercial and residential properties. Design, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Advisory on stormwater systems across Sydney, ensuring compliance with Sydney standards and Council regulations.

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