As responsible strata managers it is essential to recognise the significance of maintaining the stormwater system on your premises and conducting regular upkeep. Neglecting this critical responsibility can lead to troublesome issues like blocked drains and pipes, which, in turn, may cause water damage and potential fines imposed by the council.


As property owners, facility managers, or part of a strata, it is crucial to acknowledge and embrace the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance and repairs of the stormwater system on your premises.

Common Issues

Recognise that stormwater-related problems, including blocked drains, pits, and pipes, can lead to significant water damage and necessitate regular maintenance to prevent adverse consequences.

Scheduled Maintenance

To avoid potential issues and water damage, implement a structured maintenance plan. Stormwater and rainwater devices should be diligently serviced every six months, while drains and pits warrant comprehensive inspection every two years.


Council Reporting

Stay informed about council requirements in your area. Some councils may mandate annual reporting on stormwater and rainwater device maintenance, ensuring that all inspections, cleaning, and maintenance align with council standards.

Consequences of Neglect

Be aware of the repercussions of neglecting stormwater system maintenance. Failure to meet required maintenance standards can lead to council fines, and insurance companies may reject related insurance claims in case of damages.

Services Provided

Engage with  Stormwater Sydney as offer a wide range of specialised services. These include design, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, construction, and advisory solutions, all tailored to ensure compliance with Sydney standards and Council regulations.


Rely on the expertise of Stormwater Sydney, specialists in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing stormwater and drainage systems. Their focus on preventing flooding and ensuring proper drainage safeguards your property from potential water-related issues.


Strata and facility managers must adhere to a regular maintenance agreement that complies with Council requirements. This practice ensures the efficient functioning of your stormwater system and helps avoid potential complications.By upholding scheduled maintenance and demonstrating responsible management of stormwater systems are paramount to prevent water damage, comply with regulations, and mitigate potential consequences. Taking proactive measures to preserve the integrity of your stormwater infrastructure not only fulfils your legal obligations but also contributes to a sustainable and well-maintained environment for all.


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