Stormwater Report

Stormwater Report

Stormwater Sydney provides stormwater reports on any potential development site which includes issues such as flood potential, OSD, drainage requirements, and other council requirements such as the potential for development.


Items included in the Stormwater Reports:

  • Site address
  • Site LGA
  • Lot/DP
  • Site area
  • Land parcel plans
  • Site Flood maps
  • Property zoning requirements
  • Components permitted with consent
  • Indicative site grades (Slope of the property)
  • Flood impact assessment
  • OSD requirements
  • Charged drainage requirements
  • Street drainage available
  • Notes
  • List of references and sources

Sample Stormwater Report

Stormwater Report page 1 - Stormwater Sydney
Stormwater Report page 2 - Stormwater Sydney
Stormwater Report page 3 - Stormwater Sydney
stormwater Sydney ute - Stormwater Sydney

Stormwater Sydney provides design, management and consulting services across Sydney. Inspection, design, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, construction and advisory on stormwater & WSUD systems. Pits, pipes, pumps, drains, gutters, tanks and all your WSUD needs. Ensuring you comply with EPA and Councils Regulations.

Stormwater Sydney offers consistent and reliable work undertaken by highly trained experts in the field of stormwater management. We clean rainwater tanks, clear debris and sediment out of and drains, pits and pipelines, as well as repair or replace any faulty component and mechanism as required.

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