Filter Cartridges and Drainage Pit Baskets

If you havent already, read our article on OSD tanks and the responsibilities of property owners for existing and new developments. Click here.


In this article, we cover commercial and residential stormwater assets such as stormwater filter cartridges which are situated within OSD tanks. And drainage pit baskets which are catchment cages that are inserted into new and existing stormwater pits to prevent trash and large debris entering the pit and subsequent waterways.

Filter cartridges:

Most stormwater management on residential and commercial facilities across NSW use filter cartridges in their onsite detention tanks. Common brands of filter cartridges and filtration systems include the StormFilter cartridges manufactured by Ocean Protect. Cartridge filtration systems clean stormwater as it passes through the cartridges, removing pollutants to meet EPA and council regulatory requirements.

Stormfilter Cartridges in OSD

These treatment systems use rechargeable, self-cleaning, media-filled cartridges to filter and retain suspended solids, hydrocarbons, organic nutrients, heavy metals. As well as other challenging pollutants from the water runoff passing through.

StormFilter Cartridge diagram

Periodic maintenance of the surrounding OSD tank and the filter cartridges themselves are crucial for ensure the treatment of contaminated water. Before entering waterway in line with council and EPA regulation. Give us a call if you don’t have a current service agreement for your stormwater management. We will provide you with a maintenance schedule and quote.

Cartridges in OSD tank
Dry pit inspection
Filter Cartridge media


Ocean Guard Pit Baskets

Pit baskets are situated in stormwater drainage pits, designed to capture pollution that runs into stormwater drains. It can be installed within new and existing stormwater pits. These pit baskets can be installed within new and existing stormwater pits. They’re designed to intercept stormwater as it enters the stormwater pits with diversion panels. Ensuring that as stormwater enters at the top of the pit it is directed to the middle of the insert where the Filtration bag is situated. Ocean Protect are again a popular manufacturer of drainage pit baskets called OceanGuards.

OceanGuard Diagram

The filtration bag, cage, flow diverter maximise pollutants captured and retain them in a dry state for easy maintenance. Without regular cleaning and maintenance of your stormwater pits and ocean guards, blockages will occur and lead to surface flooding and unpleasant odours above ground.   

OceanGuard basket

If your Stormwater pits have a drainage pit basket in need
of cleaning and maintenance or you wish to install a new one on your property,
contact us for once-off or scheduled maintenance.

Cleaning Out Trash Screen and Basket - Stormwater Sydney
Cleaning Out Trash Screen and Basket
Full Basket - Stormwater Sydney
Full Basket
Empty Basket - Stormwater Sydney
Empty Basket

Stormwater Sydney offer repairs, maintenance, construction and installation of these stormwater assets to ensure you comply with regulations and prevent avoidable damages and contamination which can cause greater costs down the road.

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