It’s important for your Strata Committee to understand the requirements and responsibilities for the management and maintenance of stormwater devices on their properties and sites.

All stormwater and rainwater assets should be inspected six-monthly and serviced every year.

Some of the key stormwater and WSUD assets may include:

  • Drains, pipes and stormwater pits
  • OSD, rainwater tanks and filters
  • Water pumps and pumping stations
  • Car wash bays/plate separators
  • Roofs, gutters and downpipes

The following covers the general service requirements for these stormwater assets

Drains, pipes and pits

The six-monthly inspection will check the operation of the pits and drains and ensure damage have not occurred due to storm or other events. The annual service should include the cleaning out of sediment, leaves and other debris from pipes and pits. More regular cleaning should be undertaken if pits have filters devices installed in them.

OSD, tanks and filters

The six-monthly inspection will check the operation of OSDs, water tanks and filters to ensure effective operation. Annual services should include pressure and vacuum cleaning the inside of detention tanks to remove sludge and debris. If the tank includes a filtration system such as filter cartridges these also need to be cleaned and the filter media may need to be replaced.

Water pumps and pumping stations

Six-monthly inspections include checking pump operation, floats, and testing alarms. Annual Services will involve cleaning the wells, floats, and pumps, using a vacuum truck to clean out material where required.

Car wash bay/plate separator

The six-monthly inspection will check for any damages and correct operation of the pump and alarm and remove any solids in the plate separator. Annual services will include cleaning the plate separator and disposing of the oil and sludge waste.

Roofs, gutters and downpipes

Guttering systems and downpipes should be inspected 12-monthly to ensure there are no blockages from debris or vegetation. Servicing will include cleaning out leaves, debris, and other material from gutters, eaves box systems, and downpipe outlets to ensure correct operation and flow of rainwater runoff. A piloted drone can be used for visual inspections along a gutter without the need to access ladders.

If you are in need of stormwater servicing or a maintenance schedule, contact Stormwater Sydney. We currently offer strata managers a full stormwater inspection and report for a fixed price of $280*. This offer includes a site inspection, audit and maintenance report on the condition and functionality of all stormwater and rainwater systems, drainage and devices, including a stormwater maintenance schedule. *Price excludes GST.

Stormwater Sydney can provide one-off or ongoing scheduled maintenance arrangements for all your stormwater and rainwater needs. These include residential properties, strata complexes, private and commercial facilities and industrial sites.

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