overland flow and flooding in complex carpark

Today we look at common stormwater issues that property owners face. And discuss what you can do to protect your property from flooding and water damage during rain events. Stormwater problems typically occur with roof drainage, overland flows, road run-off and stormwater pits and inlets located within a property.

Roof Drainage

  • Proper roof drainage is core to protecting properties from storms and water damage.
  • Look for stains and signs of water damage on the ceilings. (Roof insulation can delay these signs so consider getting a detailed inspection of the roof performed).
  • Look for indicators of erosion directly under gutters which may point towards blockages or poor gutter maintenance.
  • Wide gutters on roofs (175mm) can make the annual cleaning and maintenance of gutters easier.

Overland flows

  • Residential homes and properties commonly experience infrequent occurrences of overland flow.
  • Inspect the property surroundings and identify any areas where water runoff could enter from up-sloping properties and roadways.
  • Ensure that stormwater runoff has a clear flow path down-slope through the property.
  • Issues commonly arise when the natural travel path of overland flows is interfered or changed.

Road run-off

  • If an adjoining roadway is elevated above the property, it may be at risk of stormwater runoff spilling into the property from the roadway.
  • Property elevated above an adjoining roadway 
  • Check that the entrance to the driveway has not been lowered below the adjacent footpath as this may be subject to stormwater inflows into the property.
  • In cases where the property or complex sits in a valley, it may not be possible to stop road stormwater runoff entering the property.

Stormwater pits and inlets located within a property

  • A pit or field inlet is a stormwater inlet found within open ground.
  • Pits are often put in along the overland flow paths and at low elevations on a property where water runoff is likely collected.
  • Local flooding problems can occur if these pits become blocked with debris.
  • It is important to consider what will happen if any stormwater pits become completely blocked with debris such as vegetation, litter or sediment.

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