Stormwater drains play a crucial role in efficiently draining rainwater from roads and properties.  For this reason it is essential to be mindful of what goes down these drains to protect our environment and drainage systems. Always ask yourself if you would touch or swim in the substances you’re considering flushing down the drain. If the answer is no, then it should NOT be disposed of in the stormwater drain.


Paints and household chemicals 

Paints and household chemicals pose a significant risk when improperly disposed of down drains. Instead of using sinks connected to the sewer or stormwater system, adopt safe practices when cleaning paint brushes and rollers. Water-based paints are more eco-friendly to use when possible.  Also,  be sure to soak your brushes in water overnight before rinsing the wastewater onto your lawn or garden bed.


House and Carpet Cleaning 

House and carpet cleaning can introduce pollutants to stormwater systems. When handling chemicals during carpet cleaning, avoid pouring any liquid waste down a drain connected to the sewer or stormwater system.  When clean your roof  disconnect the downpipe or cover it with plastic film to stop animal faeces, pollutants and leaf matter flowing into the drains.


Car Washing 

Car washing can also impact water quality due to the chemicals in soaps and detergents. Harmful substances like sodium can adversely affect waterways when car wash runoff enters stormwater drains. Opt for washing your car on grass to allow excess water to be absorbed by your lawn.  Alternatively, consider using an approved car wash bay.

By adopting these responsible practices we can safeguard stormwater quality.  In doing so we protect aquatic life, and maintain the cleanliness and beauty of our surroundings where we live, work, and play. Taking a proactive approach in responsibly managing what goes down our drains ensures a healthier environment for everyone. 

Stormwater Sydney use best practices to ensure in all of our projects to ensure a positive result for you but also the environment.

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