Rainwater tanks are a common and important device used to capture and hold stormwater. Today we talk about the use of rainwater tanks, tank installation and operation, and the use and treatment of rainwater. If you have a water tank in need of cleaning/maintenance or are looking to install a new tank on your property, Contact us for a free quote.

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Use of rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks will help to protect your waterways and to allow efficient use of our water resources through:

  • Reduces our dependence on city water sources
  • Providing homes with a secondary source of water for the toilet flushing
  • Reducing the erosion problems caused by increased stormwater run-off in urban waterways
  • Reducing adverse impacts on aquatic habitats from urbanisation.

Rainwater tanks installation and operation

  • Even if standard bypass systems are installed, all rainwater tanks can overspill.
  • In most urban areas, the overflow pipe of the tank must be linked to an authorised near-by drainage system, so that nearby buildings are not flooded.
  • Leaf filters which are attached to downpipes can reduce the tank maintenance frequency.
  • If leaf filters are installed, then consider the consequences caused by debris in clogging these filters.

Use of rain and stormwater

  • The acceptable domestic use of the rainwater collected differs from Council to Council.
  • Until attaching a rainwater tank to any domestic tap fitting it is important to consult with your plumber or local council.
  • All linked pipework that reaches the home must be labelled specifically as ‘Rainwater.’
  • Incorporating one or more pressure tanks can reduce the annual electrical costs of operating a pumping system.

Treatment of water

  • Rainwater collected from roofs can become contaminated with various pollutants, including:
    • Possum and bird droppings
    • Dust and plant matter
    • Airborne urban pollutants
  • The distribution line may integrate a number of filtration systems to improve the quality of the rainwater delivered to the home.

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