Residential and Commercial Stormwater Drainage Designs with Certification

Stormwater is water that originates during rainfalls. In urban, developed areas, where the ground surface does not readily absorb water, this stormwater becomes surface runoff. If there is a substantial build-up in surface runoff, flooding may occur, which may cause damage to surrounding properties, including the foundations of buildings. Excess surface runoff may also carry contaminated materials, such as oil and chemical elements.

A good stormwater drainage design:

  • reduces the surface water saturation in the property during a rainfall, which may cause damage to structural or civil elements;
  • ensures that excess stormwater runoff is controlled; and
  • incorporates a number of filtering elements such as catch basin and sump

In addition, when lodging a new development application, councils often require a detailed stormwater design before issuing a development approval.

It is important to note that stormwater and sewer drainage is not the same. Unlike sewage, stormwater runoff is not treated.

Stormwater Sydney undertakes designs of stormwater and associated services for new and upgraded development in Line with Council and Development Approval Requirements.

Our Chartered Professional Engineers provide design and certification services to address Council Development Application requirements including BASIX requirements, on-site detention (OSD) tanksrainwater storage tanks, stormwater quality improvement devices (SQIDS), water sensitive urban design (WSUD), subsoil and pumping systems.

Services Provided includes

  • Concept and indicative design for future development
  • Designs and Plans for Development Applications
  • Design and Plans for Construction Certificates
  • Certification of new and upgraded works to Council’s specifications.
  • Troubleshooting of neighbourhood drainage issues

Development - engineered stormwater design for OSD construction

Stormwater Sydney provides stormwater design, management, and consulting services across Sydney. Inspection, design, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, construction, and advisory on stormwater and WSUD systems. Pits, pipes, pumps, drains, gutters, tanks, and all your WSUD needs. Ensuring you comply with EPA and Council regulations.

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