Stormwater Inspection and Maintenance at Warrawee Strata Complex

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Stormwater Sydney conducted Inspection and maintenance work for a strata committee on their stormwater system at their strata complex in Warrawee.

A Stormwater inspection and proposed rectification work was undertaken to prevent further basement flooding during rain events and to report on the current status of the drainage systems on the premise.

Our initial scope of services included:

  • High-pressure cleaning of pipe from the basement to Councils pit
  • Empty and Clean Basement Water Tank
  • Basement pump out Maintenance
  • Site Investigations to identify Stormwater Improvement Issues


The existing multi-unit complex had 3 levels of underground carparks. The lower basement carpark flooded in the recent rain event due to a failure in the pump-out system, which required rectification. The pits in the external yards drain to the street, although the pits were not completed as part of construction and needed to be brought to compliance. Additionally, the street pit was blocked and had to be cleaned out. This blockage had interfered with the site drainage causing additional damage to the complex.

Road crossing

The existing 225mm pipe crossing the road to the kerb pit over the road was blocked and caused flooding to the complex. We carried out immediate work to high pressure clean this pipe and conducted appropriate road safety requirements.

Current Stormwater System

The site exhibited a number of non-compliance issues in relation to the pit construction and incomplete works to the stormwater system. In order to determine this, we acquired the hydraulic drawings for this complex to bring the Stormwater pit and pipe system up to a more efficient and worker order.

Overview of immediate Stormwater Maintenance and Repairs

  • Repaired damaged drainpipe in garden
  • Repaired the broken pipe in the garden and resulting sediment build-up in basement
  • Lifted one pit in the garden
  • Pressure and vacuum cleaned all internal and external grates, pipes, pits, OSDs and GPTs
  • Pressure cleaned discharge pipe to Council’s pit
  • Replaced the pump unit to rectify the faulty pump-out system

Ongoing Maintenance Schedule

In addition to the immediate stormwater maintenance and repairs, we also proposed entry into an ongoing maintenance schedule detailed below:

+ 6 MonthsStormwater Pumping Station Inspection OSD Inspection GPT Inspection
+ 12 MonthsStormwater Pumping Station Minor Clean Oil Plate Separator cleaning and emptying OSD Clean GPT Clean
+18 MonthsStormwater Pumping Station Inspection OSD Inspection GPT Inspection
+24 MonthsClean Basement Drainage Pits and Drains (9) Stormwater Pumping Station Minor Clean Clean external drainage pits (11) OSD Clean GPT Clean



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