Stormwater Audit and Certification in Botany

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Inspection and audit of stormwater and WSUD devices on a commercial premise in line with Bayside Council requirements

Stormwater Sydney was contracted by owner of free-standing warehouse in Botany for site inspection, audit & certification of the WSUD. And stormwater drainage systems on the premises under the request of the Bayside Council of Botany.

This required a detailed audit of all drainage devices including pits, treatment devices, infiltration devices and rainwater tanks. Certification of these various WSUD systems required an item statement from our stormwater professional of satisfactory or good working condition.

We completed a stormwater inspection and audit of the drainage system on the premises. However informed client that we weren’t in a position to provide a certificate for the property at its current stage.

Stormwater rectification work and services

We completed our inspection report and determined the best course of action in order to resolve the withstanding stormwater issues. These rectification services are included below:

  1. Made redundant and removed the existing downpipes located outside the northern wall that was draining onto the neighbouring driveway. Then saddle drainage gutters to the wall at a high level which was then taken to the connection point
  2. Create 3 new outlets at the northern wall to the gutter in addition to the 2 located at the front of the building with a new connected stormwater line.
  3. Locate the stormwater drainage to the underground easement behind the toilet walls via an access panel.
  4. Core drill through the concrete floor and install a 150mm connection point with work required before drilling to minimise the risk of affecting other services present.


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