Residential Stormwater Rectification work in Narraweena

Narraweena new paved driveway


Our client was a homeowner that reached out to us about his residential property in Narraweena with a downward sloping path stretching to the back of the property. This caused large quantities of water to flow down the slope during rain events, causing runoff problems for their neighbours as the property is on a higher ground level than the neighbouring property.

After a site inspection, Stormwater Sydney identified multiple stormwater issues to the front of the property, both left-hand side and right-hand side of the property, the read yard and internally in the underfloor area. The Client had previously attempted to rectify these issues over the years incorporating Hydraulic Engineers, Builders and Plumbers but was still unable to resolve the issue.

Front Driveway

The driveway appeared in poor condition and required replacing. Significant areas of concern were from the garage door to the mid-point driveway construction joint which needed to be renewed. The client had previously excavated the driveway down to the rock and installed a drainage system to capture the water running towards the house, deviating it through a cut into rock channel around the house.

The proposed work for the front driveway was to;

  1. Remove and dispose of the old driveway
  2. Renew portion of the driveway
  3. Installation of 250mm wide channel drain
  4. Installation of 100mm metal grate drain at front of garage

As such the work undertaken by Stormwater Sydney involved Jack hammering the concrete driveway and removing and disposing of the concrete. Then the ground was prepared for the new concrete and new channel drains were set up.

Upon pouring the new driveway, we installed a 250mm wide channel drain cast into the concrete. This drain continued across the property in the front yard at 100mm lower than the driveway towards the right-hand side boundary fence. This drain in the yard was made with a 100mm high kerb behind it at the garden bed level and the 250mm drain positioned at the grass level. Additionally, a new 100mm wide metal grated drain channel was installed in front of the garage door.

Narraweena new paved driveway - Stormwater Sydney

Right Hand Side Pathway

The proposed work for the right-hand side pathway was the:

  1. Installation of treated pine sleepers along the fence
  2. Installation of the pathway with strip drains and hob

The right-side passage had drainage installed in the past. In order to pour a concrete path, a base had to be excavated and filled along its length. The client requested a hob along the fence boundary which was installed with treated pine sleepers fixed to the fence posts 50mm higher than the hob. The hob was a made as a 100mm x 100mm concrete kerb. The pathway began at the 300mm front yard channel drain and stopped 1 metre past the end of the rear patio. Additionally, a stormwater pit already in place was adjusted, adding 3 x 100mm strip drains evenly positioned to the pathway.

Left Hand side Pathway

The proposed work for the left-hand side pathway was the:

  1. Installation of pathway and hob
  2. Replacement of existing drainage with new pits

The left-hand side passage also had drainage previously installed. Like the right-hand side, in order to pour a concrete path at approximately 1 metre wide, the base was excavated and filled along its length. The pathway began in line with the front of the house and ended at the end of the rear patio at the timber steps. The lower area was approximately 5 metres in length and the new concrete path extended the full width from the house to the fence.

Prior to pouring the concrete, 2 new 300mm x 300mm pits were installed to renew the stormwater drainage to this side. After levels were adopted, the client provided labour to excavate and fill in the pathways.

New paved side path with drainage - Stormwater Sydney

In total, the work undertaken took 4 days to complete and rectify the drainage and flow path issues affecting the client and neighbouring properties.

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