Galvanised Pipe Replacement- Woollahra

Galvanised Pipe Replacement - Stormwater Sydney

Replacing the stormwater line out to the street with a new galvanised steel pipe


Galvanised Pipe Replacement – Woollahra. The existing drainage pipe had failed due to roots getting into the pipe. We replaced the pipework from the house to the street kerb with galvanised steel to prevent future root invasion. The new pipe was connected to the existing downpipe and a traffic control plan was implemented.

Galvanized pipe is used in outdoor and indoor applications due to its anti-rusting components. The zinc coating slows the process of corrosion and can make the pipe last for decades (in the right environment). This makes it ideal for marine applications and for transporting hot and cold water alike. Galvanized pipes have longevity, are cost-effective, and are low maintenance. They can be inspected with a trained eye and are easily assembled.


The site was a residential home in the suburb of Woollahra, Sydney.

The home is in an established street with a 3-metre asphalt footpath. The Existing drainage to the street had failed and needed to be replace with steel on the right-hand side.

There was a current downpipe on the left-hand side that was not connected to the street drainage.

As the house was in the Woollahra Council area, it was subject to a road opening application.


The scope of our services for this job involved:

  1. Arranging a road opening permit from Woollahra council
  2. Replacing the existing stormwater drain from the house to the street kerb
  3. Connecting the current downpipe to the new drain
  4. Restoring the footpath to the Council’s specifications

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