Stormwater Drainage and New Downpipes

Stormwater drainage and new downpipes - Stormwater Sydney

Bondi strata group contracted Sydney Stormwater to resolve a flooding issue. It involved replacing the premises’ downpipes and installing new stormwater drainage lines to the street outlets. Check below for photos and a video!

This residential property consisted of 12 units on a block sloping front to back. The three downpipes on the block flowed towards the rear of the property. They were blocked with no access creating a pool of water underneath the building.

To prevent this from happening when it rains, we redirected the existing downpipes to the front. Charging them up the boundary and having them fall from the boundary to the street curb as per council requirements.

To create the charged line, we replaced part of the Colorbond downpipe with UPVC to create a watertight seal. We cut the left-hand side concrete all the way down to the back downpipe. Then excavated a trench back all the way to the street to install a new 100mm UPVC drainage pipe.

On the right-hand side, we cut the concrete from the one downpipe at the front to the street curb. And then excavating and installing a 100mm UPVC pipe. After each pipe was installed, we re-concreted the path and street curb. The footpath and curb were reinstated with asphalt to the Council’s satisfaction (to later be concreted by Council as required).



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