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Mosman Stormwater maintenance at Mosman - Stormwater Sydney

An aged care facility at Mosman was suffering from an onsite detention system that did not work properly. After a detailed assessment by Stormwater Sydney, our men found that the cast in place structure still constrained the formwork in place. The pipework was also at the wrong level and orifice places and not been previously set up. After three days, we had the system operating as designed and compliant with the Councils regulations.

Vacuum truck at Bupa facility Mosman - Stormwater Sydney

The following details our primary work conducted after a site inspection:

silt in detention tank - Stormwater Sydney

Conducted WHS Confined Space audit as per Safe Work guidelines and instigated the necessary procedures to carry out the works.

WHS signage - Stormwater Sydney

Stripped all formwork from the onsite detention (OSD) device and removed from the site. Removed all other foreign building materials from the OSD and site.

Vacuum clean out of pit - Stormwater Sydney

High-pressure water cleaned the base of the OSD tank. We Provided a suction tanker truck to remove sullage/waste material from the tank, leaving it clean.

Cleaned stormwater pit - Stormwater Sydney

We disposed of the waste at an approved contaminated water disposal facility.

At the completion of the project, an OSD inspection and Audit Report was provided to the client, covering all the undertaken work, leaving the system compliant with regulation and working effectively.

Stormwater Sydney can provide one-off or ongoing scheduled maintenance arrangements for all your stormwater and rainwater needs.

Stormwater Sydney provides Inspection, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Construction, and Advisory on stormwater systems across Sydney, ensuring compliance with Sydney standards and Council regulations.



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