Stormwater Pipe Replacement

Stormwater pipe replacement

Stormwater pipe replacement services were completed at a residential premise in Erskine Park, Sydney. Our client’s home was experiencing stormwater surcharging and ponding during heavy rain events. The property was sloped from the back to the street and relied on gravity.

With further inspection we determined that the pipe had been crushed during construction.

To gain access to this pipe, a section of the driveway needed to be replaced.


The scope of our services for this job involved:

  • Cutting up and jackhammering the concrete and disposing of the debris
  • Removing the crushed pipe
  • Supplying and installing a new UPVC pipe
  • Concreting the new driveway section

CCTV was used along with a locator to find where exactly the pipe had been crushed and to determine how much driveway needed to be pulled up.

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