Penstock Valve Installation

The premises are a solid waste transfer station that required the installation of a penstock valve. In an exisiting 900mm x 900mm stormwater pit across a 750mm pipe. The project was driven by the need to control flow from the site to comply with EPA and Council requirements.

Scope of services

Our scope of services included cleaning out the current drainage pit and supply and installation of an engineered aluminium Penstock. The Penstock was installed to the design engineering plans with alterations to the pit as required to fit the valve securely. The valve was attached with chemical anchors and made watertight with all faces grouted in place.

The valve was commissioned, being opened and closed all the way (77 turns) with a T-key. A notch was cut out in the lid grate of the pit to allow safe operation of the T-key.

Prevent Contamination

The Penstock ensures that if there is a spill on site any polluted liquid can be stopped from entering the waterways. In the rare event that surface water becomes contaminated the penstock may be closed and the water treated or monitored. This will isolate the site from the watercourse, preventing contamination of our waterways and the surrounding environment.

EPA And Council Required Aluminium Penstock

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