Insights from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Quarterly Weather Outlook

Climate change and its unpredictable manifestations have become a major challenge for homeowners and property managers across Australia. One of the key areas requiring constant attention are our stormwater systems. The Bureau of Meteorology’s recent weather outlook for the next quarter indicates that now could be the perfect time to assess and tackle your stormwater issues.


The Forecast: A Quarter Dominated by Dryness

According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest quarterly weather report, we are expecting a predominantly dry season ahead. For July through to September, a below-median rainfall is very likely (60% to more than 80% chance) for much of the eastern two-thirds of Australia and south-west WA.

This upcoming dry spell presents an opportune window to upgrade your stormwater systems and prepare for the future’s uncertain climate scenarios. Drier weather allows for smoother construction processes, easier site access, and reduced risk of delays due to wet weather conditions.


Higher Temperatures on the Horizon

The report also suggests a warm period ahead, with July to September maximum temperatures predicted to be above the median (60% to more than 80% chance) for almost all of Australia. Additionally, the forecast indicates that above-median minimum temperatures are likely, to very likely (60% to more than 80% chance) for most regions of Australia.

Warmer temperatures can potentially exacerbate stormwater issues. Heat can lead to increased evaporation, affecting water tables and contributing to the drying and cracking of land; this can subsequently impact the performance of your stormwater systems.


External Influences on Our Climate

Our weather and climate are influenced by a variety of factors, both local and global. The upcoming weather pattern is linked to warming in the tropical Pacific Ocean beyond El Niño thresholds, the potential development of a positive Indian Ocean Dipole, and record warm oceans globally. These factors can significantly impact our local climate, including our rainfall patterns, influencing the efficiency and effectiveness of our stormwater systems.


Taking the Initiative: Why Now is the Time

With the upcoming dry and warm quarter, it’s the perfect time to address your stormwater management. Drier conditions are ideal for performing upgrades, repairs, and preventive maintenance to ensure your stormwater systems are ready for the future. Meanwhile, anticipated warmer temperatures highlight the importance of a robust, well-maintained stormwater system to tackle potential climate challenges.

At Stormwater Sydney, we offer a wide range of services, from designing and implementing stormwater systems to comprehensive audits and maintenance. With expert knowledge, an experienced team, and a commitment to sustainable solutions, we can help you enhance your property’s resilience against changing weather patterns.

Don’t wait until the rain starts falling to realise your stormwater systems need help. Use this dry spell to get ahead and ensure your property is prepared for the unpredictability of climate change. Reach out to us at Stormwater Sydney, and together, let’s make the most of this opportunity to secure your property’s future.


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