In an era marked by the realities of climate change, the frequency and intensity of storm events are on the rise, posing significant challenges for strata properties in Sydney. A crucial aspect of managing these challenges involves regular stormwater maintenance, which is increasingly becoming a focal point for insurance companies. We at Stormwater Sydney can show you how effective stormwater management can not only mitigate the risks associated with severe weather events but also potentially lower insurance premiums and risks for strata properties.


The Impact of Climate Change on Stormwater Systems:

Climate change has led to an increase in unpredictable and intense weather patterns, including heavier rainfalls and more frequent storms. This puts a strain on existing stormwater systems, often leading to overflows, flooding, and subsequent property damage. For strata properties, this means an increased risk of water ingress, damage to common areas, and costly repairs.

Insurance Implications for Strata Properties:

Insurance companies are becoming more vigilant about the risks posed by inadequate stormwater management. There’s a growing trend where insurers may require proof that strata properties have addressed potential stormwater issues and are maintaining their systems regularly. Failure to provide such evidence could lead to higher premiums or even denial of coverage in the event of stormwater-related damage.

Benefits of Regular Stormwater Maintenance: Regular maintenance of stormwater systems is no longer just a good practice; it’s a necessity. Here’s how it benefits strata properties:

  • Prevents Flooding and Damage: Routine checks and maintenance ensure that stormwater systems function optimally, reducing the likelihood of flooding during heavy rains.
  • Reduces Insurance Premiums: Proactive maintenance can be a mitigating factor for insurance companies, potentially leading to lower insurance premiums.
  • Ensures Compliance: Regular maintenance helps ensure compliance with local council regulations, preventing fines and legal issues.
  • Promotes Safety and Wellbeing: Well-maintained stormwater systems enhance the safety and wellbeing of residents by preventing water ingress and related hazards.

Stormwater Sydney’s Approach:

At Stormwater Sydney, we specialise in comprehensive stormwater maintenance services for strata properties. Our approach includes:

  • Regular Inspections: Conducting thorough inspections to identify potential issues before they escalate.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Cleaning and repairing components like drains, gutters, and downpipes to prevent blockages and leaks.
  • Upgrading Systems: Recommending and implementing upgrades to cope with the increased volume and intensity of stormwater due to climate change.


Regular stormwater maintenance is an essential aspect of strata property management, particularly in the context of climate change. It not only plays a vital role in protecting the property from damage but also in managing insurance costs and compliance. Strata managers and owners should view stormwater maintenance as an investment in their property’s longevity and safety.

Don’t wait for the next big storm to reveal the weaknesses in your strata property’s stormwater system. Contact Stormwater Sydney today for a comprehensive assessment and maintenance plan. Our expertise in stormwater management can help you mitigate risks and manage insurance costs effectively.


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