Client: Blacktown City Council
Location: Blacktown, Sydney, Australia
Engagement Period: March 2023 – July 2023


Blacktown City Council engaged Stormwater Sydney to conduct comprehensive environmental compliance audits across a diverse range of premises within the Blacktown area. The purpose of the audits was to assess the compliance of various commercial and industrial premises with environmental regulations and guidelines, with a focus on stormwater management.

Scope of Work:

The engagement involved auditing approximately 300 premises, including but not limited to mechanics, car washes, smash repairers, and a broad range of commercial and industrial establishments. The goal was to identify any environmental risks, evaluate current practices, and provide recommendations for improved compliance and sustainable water management.

Audit Process:

  1. Identification: Stormwater Sydney worked closely with Blacktown City Council to identify the premises to be audited. The selection process ensured representation from different industry sectors to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the local environmental landscape.
  2. Site Audit: Our experienced team conducted thorough on-site inspections of each premises, meticulously evaluating their stormwater management practices, potential pollutant sources, waste management procedures, and overall environmental compliance. The audits encompassed a range of factors, including infrastructure, equipment, operational practices, and recordkeeping.
  3. Compliance Assessment: During the site audits, Stormwater Sydney utilised a comprehensive checklist encompassing relevant environmental regulations, guidelines, and best practices. The checklist covered key areas such as storage and handling of hazardous substances, spill containment measures, wastewater management, pollutant prevention strategies, and compliance with trade waste permits.
  4. Documentation and Reporting: As part of the audit process, Stormwater Sydney documented observations, captured photographs, and assessed the degree of compliance for each premise. The findings were compiled into detailed reports, which included a comprehensive audit checklist, photographs highlighting areas of concern or compliance, and specific recommendations for improvement.

Results and Recommendations:

The environmental compliance audits conducted by Stormwater Sydney provided valuable insights into the environmental practices of the audited premises. The audits identified areas of non-compliance, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Based on the audit findings, Stormwater Sydney provided Blacktown City Council with practical recommendations to enhance environmental compliance, stormwater management, and sustainable practices. These recommendations encompassed measures such as the installation of appropriate containment systems, improvements in waste management practices, implementation of spill response protocols, and enhanced staff training on environmental awareness.


The partnership between Stormwater Sydney and Blacktown City Council in conducting environmental compliance audits across various premises in the Blacktown area has resulted in enhanced environmental stewardship and improved stormwater management practices. By proactively addressing compliance issues and promoting sustainable practices, the audits have contributed to the protection of local waterways and the preservation of the natural environment.

Stormwater Sydney remains committed to assisting Blacktown City Council and other clients in achieving their environmental goals through comprehensive audits, actionable recommendations, and ongoing support for sustainable water management.

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