Drainage installation to prevent basement water pooling and flooding issues- Newtown


Our clients were a strata committee in Newtown, Sydney experiencing flooding and water pooling in their basement car park. They desperately needed a drainage installation. A lack of sufficient drainage led to water damage to the building and personal items kept in the basement during rain events. Our team cut out the bordering concrete floor of the basement and dug out a new subsoil drainage path to allow proper drainage of water runoff during heavy rainfall and prevent any water pooling on the basement floor.


The Building was experiencing water ingress and ponding in the basement carpark during heavy rain events. The property already had Sub-soil drainage to one side of the basement but required more at one end.

The Scope of Services were

  1. Concrete saw channel for Sub-soil drainage
  2. Supply and installation of Sub-soil drainage (approx. 18M)
  3. Cut hole in wall
  4. Backfill with blue metal
  5. Remove and dispose of dirt and concrete
  6. CCTV existing Sub-soil drainage line

If you experience similar problems or have any other stormwater or runoff issues contact us.

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