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Tired of spending time and money on unreliable stormwater subcontractors? Your search is now over with Stormwater Sydney!


Why us?

We value and understand our client’s busy lifestyles. We work around your schedules with quick, responsive communication and completion of your stormwater jobs.

With over 30 years’ experience in water and building sectors, we have a deep understanding of the stormwater requirements for buildings and developments.

Our specialists are highly skilled in the inspection, maintenance and installation of numerous above and below storm and rain water devices. We are licensed builders with confined spaces training.

Stormwater Sydney provide Construction, Inspection, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Advisory across stormwater and rainwater systems, ensuring you comply with Sydney, NSW and Council regulations.

Stormwater Sydney offers consistent and reliable work undertaken by highly trained experts in the field of stormwater management. We clean rainwater tanks, clear debris and sediment out of and drains, pits and pipelines, as well as repair or replace any faulty component and mechanism as required.

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What Our Customers

Have to Say?

“My plumber doesn’t like doing the civil component of a new stormwater build. We used Stormwater Sydney to install the underground tanks and they are happy to work with our plumber who does the fit out. ”
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“Our Certifier knocked back the WSUD component of our build as the OSD wasn’t finished to specification. Stormwater Sydney came in and rectified the works, certified to whole WSUD component and the certifier is now happy. ”


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