Registered Commerical Drone Inspections

With technology moving forward every year, more and more traditional industry practices are becoming unnecessary and even obsolete due to avoidable safety risks and duration times. This is because new, safer and more convenient methods are becoming accessible. One such method is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or ‘Drones,’ for commercial onsite inspections, replacing previous unsafe methods of inspecting assets at great heights or hard to access locations.

Here at Stormwater Sydney, we have utilised this industry innovation with our own purchase and registration of a commercial drone to conduct onsite asset inspections. These assets include tanks, rooftops, gutters, eaves-box systems, downpipes and any other assets that would previously require height work and exposure to potential harm and risks, not to mention the time it takes to safely get up and inspect these devices.


With our drone, we are able to capture crystal clear images and footage in 4K with high-quality zoom functionality that enable us to see more than we ever could before without wasting time or putting our specialists at risk of any physical harm. We also provide our clients with a higher degree of evidence and observation in our inspection reports as we are able to provide all the media taken from the drone and send it directly to the client electronically.

Gutter and eaves box inspection

Our Stormwater specialists who pilot our drones are trained in remote piloting under government rules and regulations that must be followed. Our staff are certified with an official commercial RPA license from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

For more information on how drones are changing the industry of asset inspections, read this article, ‘Drone Inspections: A Comprehensive Guide To How Drones Are Being Used For Visual Inspections Throughout The World.’

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