Stormwater Sydney provides stormwater maintenance, design, management and consulting services across Sydney. Inspection, design, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, construction and advisory on stormwater & WSUD systems. Pits, pipes, pumps, drains, gutters, tanks and all your WSUD needs. Ensuring you comply with EPA and Councils Regulations.

Blacktown City Council is one of the more advanced Councils in Sydney regarding management of stormwater maintenance on private property. Development Applications require applicants to address WSUD as part of the design. And enter into multi-year agreements for the maintenance of stormwater and rainwater systems.


As a minimum, private property owners need to submit annual stormwater maintenance report to Blacktown City Council by 1 September. This report must detail the inspection and maintenance activities carried out on-site, including any waste disposal dockets. 

The stormwater inspection and maintenance sheets in this guide can be submitted as part of the annual maintenance report. Or can be submitted to Council as inspection and maintenance activities are undertaken. 

Blacktown City Council reviews the reports to ensure appropriate maintenance is occurring. And are authorised under the Local Government Act 1993 to enter premises and serve penalty notices. This occurs if property owners fail to comply with maintenance requirements set out in the Positive Covenant. 



All Councils require the installation of stormwater devices on all new premises. These requirements usually include a Section 88 Instrument requiring ongoing maintenance of any device across the life span of those devices.

Many Councils have different requirements which make it hard to comply with. Most Councils publish their requirements on their websites. Stormwater Sydney has identified the requirements of all Councils, which we utilise on our inspection and Audits.

Stormwater Sydney can provide one-off or ongoing scheduled maintenance arrangements for all your stormwater and rainwater needs. These include Strata and Residential Complexes, Aged Care and Commercial Facilities and Industrial sites.

Stormwater Sydney provides Inspection, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs, Construction and Advisory on stormwater systems across Sydney. Ensuring you comply with EPA and Council Requirements. 1300741003


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